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Our middle school and high school class is made up of a variety of ages and focuses on training young athletes to create and apply great motor patterns to their everyday and workout movements. We achieve this, as much as is possible and appropriate for age level, through play. It is of greatest importance to us that your young athletes are safe, not only at our facility but in life. We endeavor to shore-up your young athletes against injury primarily through demanding great motor patterns before allowing them to develop strength through those movements as they pursue fitness.

This class is appropriate for young athletes who are looking to simply enjoy fitness and make great friends. This class is also appropriate for young athletes who want to improve their strength, speed, agility, or competitive in the sport of their choice.

We have weightlifters and wrestlers, soccer players, volleyball players, and kids who do CrossFit full time. No matter what athletic endeavor you are chasing, you will be closer to your goal if you join in the fun!

*A note about “PLAY”: It has long been proven that the brains of young athletes are specifically wired to learn everything they need to know about movement, social skills, and their environment through unstructured play. The curiosity that is built into a child is made to be a great teacher. Due to our current cultural norms- early-specialization, adult-management of games/sports, safety concerns, modern playgrounds, shortened recess times, video games etc.- young athletes are not reaping the rewards of “Play”. Foundational markers like core and grip strength, balance, reading readiness, memory, processing, and behavioral upheaval are all directly correlated to a lack of healthy movement- most specifically play.

We are a Brand-X Certified Gym

The Brand-X Method is The Industry’s Premier Youth Coaching Education Course

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